4 Years and A Day - How to Become A Client
4 Years and A Day - A Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness
How to Become a Client of
4 Years and A Day Foundation

Finding out that you have breast cancer can make you feel overwhelmed with fear, vulnerable about potential loss and alone with making decisions about your care. Having to learn about complex treatments and trying to choose the best method can also be a stressful process. Our staff and volunteers are trained to help people through their experience by offering a measure of comfort and an opportunity for emotional grounding and informed decision making. We give patients and family members an opportunity to express their feelings mainly your fears and concerns. Most importantly, we offer understanding, support, and hope as you undergo this journey. We attempt to pair our clients with survivors or expert medical staff that will be able to provide unique support.

Please note, our program volunteers do not provide medical advice.

Due to space limitations, we are not able to accept every applicant as a client. To initiate the process, please email us at clientservices@4yearsandaday.com.