4 Years and A Day - How to Volunteer
4 Years and A Day - A Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness

How to Become a Volunteer with
4 Years and A Day Foundation

Does this sound like you? 

  • I'm excited about gathering people to discuss and facilitate the use of nonprofit technology.

  • I have strong roots in my community (or want a way to create them).

  • I have one to two hours each week that I can devote to organizing an event.

  • I have a computer, Internet access, and computer skills.

  • I have event-planning skills and resources.

  • I love to network and connect people.

If so, we'd love to have you. Send an email with your intent to volunteering@4yearsandaday.com. We will provide you with an application and will begin the interviewing process.

We will begin recruiting volunteers in September, 2017